Clash Royal – a trick to evolve rapidly.

clash royale trickToday I reveal you a tip on Clash Royal to move quickly in the game I made a simple observation:. You have more cards = less chance you have to change your deck with clash royale cheats.

Clash Royale tips! The ultimate trick!

So I have two accounts (a smartphone and the tablet). On the smartphone I see I’m stagnate arena 4/5 I advance more because I do not get the cards I want. Suddenly on the shelf I created another account and I stayed an arena. I have a lot fewer cards, so I take levels much faster.

Knowing when one arena you have good cards anyway I’ll wait to ride level 10 or 11 before advancing in the game. I wanted to make a video about this trick, but since I’ve done a video tips and tricks on Clash Royale I made an article.

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